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Imagine what it would be like to make your first million dollars at the age of 25… now imagine what it would be like to lose it a mere six months later.
By elevating his thinking for good, Paul transformed his business and his life, successfully launching and growing a hundred-million-dollar SUPERBUSINESS.

This book sets out how he did it and how you can too.


In every business industry there are leaders who excel…

There’s a simple, yet vital, difference between entrepreneurs who build multi-million dollar enterprises and the majority who suffer a lifetime of terminal mediocrity. It has very little to do with how hard they work and everything to do with how they thINC.
Apply the 7 game-changing principles in this book to:

  • Blast through the hidden barriers preventing you from building wealth and life you deserve.
  • Gain insight into the vital difference that separates elite business owners from the rest
  • Make profitable business decisions with confidence, certainty and ease.
  • Discover the key to limitless, rather than limited, results (less than 1% know this)
  • Gain a step by step blueprint to excel in business and ultimately build a liberated life – one without financial shackles and with limitless freedom to chase your passion!

In this ground-breaking book, Paul Brotherson shares the closely guarded secrets of the world’s best business thinkers and reveals the critical thought patterns you need to develop in order to transform your business and build a life of wealth, success and freedom.
The mind that knows how to think knows how to act… first time, every time!

Recommended By

Dr. John Demartini
Dr. John DemartiniInternational Best-Selling Author of The Values Factor
“An incisive look into the practical thinking and effective daily actions of a unique CEO who built a hundred million dollar business from scratch and retired in his thirties.”
Nick Allman
"Paul has built several successful multi-million dollar businesses from the ground up (without losing his sanity). I know first-hand because I worked under Paul as his Sales Director for 7 years in one of his companies before he taught me how to build my own. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking to increase their financial, mental and emotional wealth; except my competition of course."

A Message From Paul

“My mission is to share and teach you the fundamental secrets that have shaped extraordinary business successes for centuries, the real world skills that separate the top 1% of business owners… so that you can experience the passion, joy and freedom that running a highly successful, profitable and prosperous business truly delivers every day.

If you would like to know more about how to build a valuable and saleable enterprise that delivers you the ultimate goal of business ownership: Real Wealth and Freedom…

And you would like to learn that from partners whose knowledge and expertise are based in real world experience, I invite you to apply now for the Board of Directors Inner Circle Program so that we can have a conversation.

I don’t deal in clichés or inspirational speeches…
Just accelerated, incisive business knowledge for success.”